Abha -  Malaki Dam Lake

The town of Abha can be found in the south western part of the Arabian Peninsula. The area is abundant in fertile plains, hills and valleys. It has usually a hefty rainfall, modest environment and farming plateaus along with green meadow.

Abha is enclosed by clouds and is closed by hefty jungles. To the historical Egyptians, this area was known as the land of spices or herbs and incense.

To make use of the areas touristic and visual prospective, several recreational areas have been recognized, most important among which is the Aseer Nationwide Park. It groups small recreational areas in Dalafan, Al Jarrah, Al Hassab, Al Wardeh, Al Qara'a and Al Souda. The area also contains the Al Hebla Park and the Grand Tourist lake Project, which has been offered with a cable lift service. Abha has a contemporary airport and more than 56 landscapes that are consistently available to the people.

How to reach

It contains the Abha International Airport which lies to the east of the city, on the road to Khamis Mushait.

King Khalid University

Abha in Saudi Arabia has different tourist locations including both natural and man-made regions. It has more than 56 established parks in different places of the town which adds more charm to its natural beauty. Among them, Aseer National Park is the most popular.

Shada archaeological palace
One must check out the historical records and relics at Shada historical building, The Al Miftaha art town, which is located in King Fahd Social Middle, is another exciting place at Abha in Saudi Arabia. It shows creative abilities of Saudi artisans by means of crafts, mementos, works of art, artists and many more.

Malaki Dam Lake and Wadi Jawah
Malaki Dam Lake is a huge lake at the border of the Asir foothills, 15km straight eastern of Abu Arish. It is fed by four primary wadis. At great water stages this lake propagates to around 10 sq. km. To the northern the reservoir is outlined by basaltic lava flatlands and several difficult outcrops which form the border of Wadi Jawah. The nearby acacia and salvadora scrubland is distributed with tamarix. The nearby mountains are chafed and harvested.

Basket Souq
There is also popular "basket souk" in the town. Abha is popular for these durable vibrant holders which are created from reeds and sometimes soft. Most of which are hand crafted. They can be discovered at excellent costs and used for just about anything. It is run by mostly Saudi females.

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