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Dammam is one of the three most essential places that lie in the Arabian Beach. The Saudi Arabian town is known for some of the most essential oil refining facilities on the globe. It is the biggest town in the Eastern Region and a very essential seaport of Saudi Arabia. Dammam in Saudi Arabia extends into the other two essential places of Al-Khobar and Dhahran.

Dammam of Saudi Arabia is readily available through routes from various countries. The town has its own terminal known as King Fahd Worldwide Airport.

Ad Dammam, town can be found to the east of Saudi Arabia, in Ash Sharqiyah (Al Hasa) Area, on the Persian Gulf. It is one of the country's primary slots, providing as a significant forwarding point for oil and natural gas. King Faisal University (1975) is here. Ad Dammam was a little seaside group until the late 1930's, when it started to be designed as a port. Several large-scale personal and professional building tasks were performed here in the 1970's and early 1980's.

The slot town is well linked by rail, road and air with the rest of Saudi Arabia, as well as with its nearby nations. Apart from real estate the main chair of the Easter time Area management, Dammam is a significant personal and professional region. An essential area of King Faisal School is situated here.

Dammam is about 400 km away from Riyadh. It is the capital city of the Eastern region and a very essential port. It was an individual little town but now it has become one big town, connecting Al-Khobar and Al-Dhahran. Dammam is now a significant professional area.

Historians believe that Dammam was originally called DAMDAMA, which means the sound of percussion instruments that declare the beginning or the end of the hunting season. Near Dammam, it can be found a very essential area for improving oil. The inhabitants of Dammam are about one million.

How to reach

Dammam is provided by the King Fahd King, the biggest airport on the globe with regards to area (approximately 780 km2). The airport terminal is about 25 km to the north west of the town and is linked by an eight-lane road. All other places of the Eastern Region discuss this airport. Dammam is well linked by air with other places in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe countries.

Dammam's King Abdulaziz Sea Port, on the shore of the Persian Gulf, is the second biggest port of Saudi Arabia. It was established in the late 1940s. It has huge devices that allow it to get various kinds of vessels. The most important accessories are 56 multi-purpose lift, 8 container cranes, and 524 tanker containers. There are a number of berths for ships and fishing, as well as ship repair yard.

Eastern Region places like Dhahran, Abqaiq, Hofuf, Jubail (Dhahran-Jubail Highway), Khafji, Khobar (Dammam-Khobar Highway), Ras Tanura, Sihat and Qatif (Gulf Street (Saudi Arabia)), as well as many places in other areas of the Empire are connected with Dammam by 8-lane roadways.

The head office of the Saudi Railways Organization, Saudi Arabia's sole railway operator, is in Dammam. The passenger terminal in Dammam was the first in Saudi Arabia and built in 1981. It is considered to be a major terminal in the Saudi railway network.

University of Dammam.
Arab Open University.
Prince Mohammad bin fahd university.
Community College (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals).
Scientific Institute (University of Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud).

The Nejdi Kabsa is well-known among the individuals of Dammam, often created with chicken instead of lamb various meats. The Yemeni Mandi is also well-known as a lunchtime food. Hejazi recipes is well-known as well and recipes like Shorabah Hareira (Hareira soup), Migalgal, Madhbi (chicken cooked on stone) Madfun (literally significance buried), Mitabbak, , Hareisa, Kabab Meiroo, Mabshoor, Ful, Areika, Migalgal, Madhbi (chicken cooked on stone) Madfun (literally significance buried), Magloobah, Kibdah, Manzalah (usually consumed at Eid ul-Fitr), Ma'asoob, Magliya (Hijazi edition of Falafel), Saleeig (Hijazi bowl created of dairy rice), Hummus, Biryani, Ruz Kabli, Ruz Bukhari, Saiyadyia, can be obtained in many conventional dining places around the town.

Grilled meats have an excellent industry in Dammam such as Shawarma , Kofta, and Kebab. During Ramadan Sambousak and Ful are the most well-known foods during Dusk.

Dammam is the biggest city in the southern region; it has extended to the city boundaries of two other contemporary areas, Al-Khobar and Dhahran. Near Dammam are situated the most essential facilities on the globe for the productivity of oil refining. The inhabitants of Dammam are higher than a thousand. The most essential functions of the city are:

King Fahd International Airport
The terminal complicated is organized to provide two significant terminals: one for Saudi Arabia nationwide air service provider, and the other for international air providers. The terminals and their concourses will experience each other across a main place, designed in the way of a playground, increasing between the planes cross-taxiways at each end of the complex.

Half-Moon Bay (South of Khobar)
There are many areas where scuba diving is possible along the Arabian Sea shoreline, but few are eye-catching. Southern of Khobar at Half-Moon Bay is a site where a scuba diver team has placed old pickups and vehicles in the water near shore, trying to make a synthetic offshore. The place is about 5 miles south of the Royal prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Entertainment Playground in an open shore place just previous to a community restroom, and a personal harbor. Take off the street and park next to the protected food components that have a brought up tangible ground. A large tractor wheel in the inter-tidal superficial water place represents the identity to begin the jump. This place activities various kinds of seafood and many small seashells. There is little if any barrier development here, and the automobiles seem to be protected in barnacles, but it continues to be an exciting jump. You can organize scuba diving here through Sharky's in Khobar or Durrah Dive center in Jubail. There is a list of divers who fulfill here beginning on Friday to jump.

A spectacular perspective of natural charm, Dammam Corniche makes aspect of the huge seaside venture extending from Aziziah Beach to Tarot Island. Distributed along the Corniche are large, contemporary art set ups, which indicate the creativeness of their creators and the country's love of art.

The Corniche is a local location of family members and friends for spare time, especially in the nights after work to enjoy. A huge place between Dammam and Al Khobar has been specific particularly for activities and game features. Significant groups, which allow residents and retirees as well to take aspect in game, are situated in this place.

Aquatic activities are available to all at the Seaside Town set up by the General Presidency for Youth Welfare, which is now a professional issue open to family members, in Half Moon Bay to the southern of the location, and through private groups in the place.

King Fahd Park
The King Fahd Playground in Dammam is the biggest in the kingdom. King Fahd Playground is located along the Dammam-Dhahran Express Road, north of the Gulf Palace and almost equi-distance from the town-ships of Dammam and Al-Khobar. Spread over 67 miles in the center of the Dammam Place, it’s an incredible number of plants and plants is a destination of plants and many decorative regularly provide a sanctuary for family members in the center of the city.

A high number of smaller recreational areas are spread throughout the location with picturesque beauty, perfect places to spend evenings. The water for much of the recreational areas comes from recycle city and business run-off. The expansive perhaps the park contains services for family members, from kids to seniors as well. A central cafeteria provides fast drinks and food in a huge sitting room for family members. You will also find regularly, man-made lagoons, water fountains, plants, and structures - all designed to offer relaxing relief.

Within the park, Saudi Amusement Center fits the entertainment of kids. Extremely modern in concept and design and run by professionals, the area features an interesting train drive to take visitors around the park.

National Museum
Dammam Nationwide Art gallery is on the 4th floor of the Dammam Public Collection compared the Dammam Ground on the cross road from the Dammam-Al Khobar Road. A must for guests to the area, the museum concentrates on the nation's history, lifestyle, and population through shows of artifacts and remains of crafts.

King Abdul Aziz Seaport
A contemporary slot complicated, known as the King Abdul Aziz Seaport, was designed at Dammam to deal with non-oil delivery. The Dammam-Riyadh train and roadways hook up the slot to points throughout the Empire. The complicated is outfitted with four jetties, the greatest being two kilometers, hundreds of cranes and lifts, storage space features, a ship repair hook up and a contemporary deliver traffic control center. The complicated is now the Kingdom's biggest store to the sea in eastern Saudi Arabia.

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Several hundred contemporary main and additional educational institutions provide all citizens of the Dammam Area with access to free knowledge. The area features several institutions and is also the site of one of the most contemporary colleges and universities in the Middle East. The King Fahd School of Petroleum and Minerals, situated in Dhahran, offers graduate student and post-graduate levels in science, engineering, applied engineering, industrial management, environmental design and other fields. It also operates a state-of-the-art center where researchers perform research on a wide range of subjects, from geology to computer style. Additionally, two of King Faisal University's Colleges, medication and architecture and city planning, are situated in Dammam.

Heritage Centre Dammam
This art gallery represents various factors of regional life in Saudi Arabia. It also has an eating place. Dammam Corniche. Regional Museum of The archaeology and Ethnography: Exciting selection of regional Bedouin designs, conventional outfits and Islamic ceramic, as well as some Rock Age resources.

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