Al Khobar

Khobar -  Half Moon Beach

Al Khobar is one of the major Industrial port and Commercial center in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia today forming a triangle with Dammam and Dhahran, the two other important cities in Saudi Arabia. Al-Khobar used to be a small port on the famous Arabian Gulf which was mainly inhabited by the fishermen but very soon oil was found in Al-Khobar land and was transformed into a busy industrial port. After the discovery of oil in this land there is rapid development of trade and commerce in the city and people in large numbers come to trade oil and find employment .The city is sectioned into residential areas, sea ports and transected road.

Al Khobar is rising as a successful industry and people from all over the world are coming to experience this quiet and beautiful land. The History of Al Khobar also describes the place to be a village that was inhabited by the Al Dawasir tribe.

Al-Khobar city has well developed roads, residential areas and sea ports that help in the active trade. Apart from large ships, there are smaller ships that help people in navigating across the sea by providing passenger ships and boats. The sea port of Al-Khobar is the main source of export and import business.

How to reach

There are 3 international airports in Riyadh, Jeddah and Ad Dammam. People can reach Al Khobar from any of this airport by hiring private car or a taxi. Major airlines that serve Al Khobar are Gulf Air, Air France, Lufthansa, Pakistan International Airlines, Air India, Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM), Qatar Airways etc.

By Bus
The Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) operates intra- and inter-city buses as well as international buses in the entire kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
King Fahd University Hospital

'Shawarma' a special preparation of lamb and chicken is so delicious you will simply fall in love with it. To taste the nearby food of Al Khobar, drive into the Tahlia St. and Abdullah Bin.

Mughal Restaurant
Mughal Restaurant where you can meet Asian cuisines providing ambiance of Afghani, Chinese, American, Asian, Continental, Grill, Lebanese!!!

With its beautiful gardens, picnic spots and beaches, Al-Khobar has become a vacation center. Among its attractions are Half Moon Bay, Sunset Beach, and Al-Azizia beach, five kilometers from the city center. The King Fahd Coastal Town consists of gardens, amusement halls, zoological gardens, and a manicured cornice.

Alrashid Mall
Alrashid Mall is a recognized landmark to all families in the Eastern Province.

Al-Rashid Mall is a show case for some of the best products from all over the globe . A commercial mall designed to characterize traditional Saudi palaces from the exterior offering modern comfort and commercial services for 380 shops and department stores with parking for 3,000 vehicles.

Half Moon Beach
Half Moon Beach simplifies nature a semi-lunar shape to be found in sunset within the expanse of the beach are Prince Mohammad bin Fahd Recreational City and Alhukair Amusement Center]

Kid's Castle
Kids' Castle brings back the world of fairies, kings and queens. Delightful to children and just as many adults, the Castle creates a dream world of fantasy and fun.

King Fahd Coastal City
Famous for its recreational and amusement centers, King Fahd Coastal City features marina, restaurants and a variety of sports facilities and games. There are indoor courts for basketball, handball, tennis, squash and volleyball and an arena for wrestling training and competition.

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